Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Web & Graphic Designer from Third Eye Studio and Stephane Wuttunee - Author/Speaker

Nancy Tursi will be interviewing guest Heather LaCroix - Web & Graphic Designer from Third Eye Studio. Heather helps holistic, green, and metaphysical business’s put their best foot forward by creating professionally designed websites, logos and marketing materials. She specializes in holistic and metaphysical businesses such as psychic intuitives, angel and fairy intuitives, massage and aromatherapy, and much more. She does work with other types of businesses but feels it is her calling to help promote and get the word out about the holistic and metaphysical field. Heather has a degree marketing as well as graphic design and worked in print then internet design before going off to run her own business in May of 2007. She thouroughly enjoys her work and studies astrology and does reiki and quantum touch energy running as time permits. Third Eye Studio is located in Lake Worth, Florida, but Heather has worked with clients from New York, to California, to Colorado.You can view some of her projects at http://www.StudioThirdEye.com

2. Nancy Tursi will be interviewing Stephane Wuttunee - Author/Speaker - this evening I will be interviewing him on "Dreaming the Pyramid". Want to discover how the Great Pyramid is connected to the Human Body, Twelve Astrological Signs and Four Elements, The Thirteenth Sign, Crystals, Chakras, Third Eye, Kundalini and the Spiritual Androgeny. Listen in on Contact Talk Radio to discover this interesting way of thinking and open your eyes to any possibility. Check out his website www.DreamingThePyramid.net/

Pyramid Power and Crystals and Graphic and Web Design from Third Eye Studio

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