Monday, January 5, 2009

Joseph Stuczynski - Author of the book “Living and Loving Well"

Joseph Stuczynski - Nancy Tursi will be interviewing Joseph Stuczynski - Author of the book “Living and Loving Well". We will be discussing his theory of Creation and Nothingness and how it ties into purpose and beliefs. Also a touching on Living and Loving Well is a 4-step method that combines one’s Core Values and Relationship Model, to create positive life change across the board. Much of what we bring into our lives is determined by childhood observations so unless we’re taught otherwise, we continue repeating old behaviors in all areas of our lives such as romance, friendship and career. Oftentimes, these old patterns result in poor decision making, attracting unfulfilling relationships, lack of trust in yourself and a general sense of not knowing what one wants. Living and Loving Well provides the tool set so that you can re-define life on your own terms.

Interview with Joseph_Stuczynski

Michael (Born Again Baptist who will be studying for Pastor ship) and Sandy (Pagan and Pagan Specialist on Double Visions Paranormal Group

Michael – Sandy – Nancy Tursi will be having Michael (Born Again Baptist who will be studying for Pastor ship) and Sandy (Pagan and Pagan Specialist on Double Visions Paranormal Group) I wanted to bring these two people together which neither of them have ego and would answer my questions honestly. They might not see eye to eye on all the questions I asked but it gives and in depth look at 2 people who have different belief systems for themselves and are willing to have a conversation about any subject presented to them. I will be having these 2 people on my show every 2 months so if you have any questions you would like directed to them please send then directly to me. I am calling this segment the “Meeting of the Minds”. Listen and be surprised on their honesty.

Michal and Sandy Interview

Michelle Belanger Medium/Psychic, Author on Psychic Vampires

Michelle Belanger – Nancy Tursi will be having guest Michelle Belanger Medium/Psychic, Author. Michelle Belanger is a popular author best known for her writings on psychic vampirism and the modern vampire subculture. A self-professed energy vampire, she has appeared on the British documentary American Vampires, Peter Anthony Holder’s Soul Call, Coast to Coast, the X-Zone, as well on the History Channel, WE!, and A&E. She has lectured at colleges across the United States and occasionally tours with her Chicago-based dark metal band URN. The interview got in depth with her individual experiences and her definition of Psychic Vampirism. She is a great lady who is from a different time who will surprise you around each turn.

Interview with Michelle Belanger Psychic Medium

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Sandy Anastasi - Sandy Anastasi has been a professional psychic and astrologer since 1979

Sandy Anastasi – Nancy Tursi will be having guest Sandy Anastasi - Sandy Anastasi has been a professional psychic and astrologer since 1979. She has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, including Crossing Over & John Edward Cross Country, and who *IS* John Edward's personal astrologer. She's also been teaching students to unfold their own abilities since the early 1980's. She wrote and self-published her first book in 1983. Basic Astrology is an in-depth discussion of the psychological and spiritual attributes of the 12 sun-signs, the planets, and the houses used in astrology. It has undergone several revisions since that first edition, but is still used as the primary text for all of her beginning astrology students. Since then, Sandy has written several more books, also self published. These are Intermediate Astrology, a workbook for serious students who want to learn chart calculation and aspects, Kabbala Pathworking, an intensive way of learning the Kabbala through guided visualizations leading to personal growth and unfoldment, The Tarot Workbook, a complete book on Tarot in which Sandy presents the Tarot card meanings that 20+ years of reading and counseling have brought her, along with ways of integrating the cards in a reading.

Sandy Anastasi - professional psychic and astrologer

Faye Nulman is a Certified EFT Practitioner as well as a Certified Massage Therapist, located in East Windsor, NJ

Faye Nulman – Nancy Tursi will be having guest Faye is a Certified EFT Practitioner as well as a Certified Massage Therapist, located in East Windsor, NJ.Faye has had a varied career ranging from corporate office setting, teaching, and retail sales. Faye’s initial interest in helping her clients became a way to self-heal as well; realizing great success using the EFT approach to emotional and pain management issues. An avid and compassionate listener, she brings a keen sense of intuition to her practice. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a wonderful self help tool that can be easily learned and used for everything! EFT can be done face to face as well as sessions by phone.

Faye Nulman EFT Practitioner and Massage Therapist

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Ernest D. Chu – Lecture, a leading corporate finance expert and Author

Ernest Chu – Nancy Tursi will be having guest Ernest D. Chu – Lecture, a leading corporate finance expert and Author - What is the secret for doing what truly fulfills you and making lots of money doing it? Most Americans are still searching for that elusive formula. Soul Currency demonstrates how to listen to your soul’s passion, seek what fulfills you and serves others, and discover your own perfect way to “make a living.” In the process, you also create and live within a prosperous flow of loving energy—soul currency. Soul Currency examines the power of manifestation through spiritual “adventureprise.” Spirit working through enlightened entrepreneurs can guide the creation of an actual business or a service, either for-profit or not-for-profit. Readers will learn how to add their own unique value to this enterprise, or choose to be fulfilled in playing a supportive role as a member of a team. Other sections discuss the power of connection and spiritual intelligence through the concept of stakeholders and self-organizing and self-connecting principles of quantum science. Throughout the book, Chu uses real-world success stories and offers practical exercises so that every reader can experience the abundant flow of their own, unique soul currency.

Ernest Chu Soul Currency

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Gift of Asperger's Syndrome with Grieg Pedersen

Greig Pederson – Nancy Tursi will be having guest Grieg Pedersen - always knew he was different, but it wasn't until his diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome in 2001 that he understood how he was different. He has applied the gift of this mild form of autism to his work, where it gives him exceptional focus and ability to visualize complex things, and to a book on ethics for which he is seeking a publisher.

Grieg Pederson

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Dr. Carley Henius Energy Healer, Mystic and Medical Intuitive - Carley’s mission

Carley’s mission has always been to use her intuition and guidance to help people heal and to enhance their emotional and spiritual life in whatever healing modality she chooses to use.Being a born philosopher, Carley came to learn how illusion is created which helped her understand other people’s reality so she could help them. It was this quest of wanting to help that led her to become a Metaphysical minister, spiritual teacher, channeler, emotional healer, energy healer and medical intuitive. She holds a Doctorate of Metaphysical Philosophy, a Doctorate of Divinity and is the great great grand - daughter of the world-renowned German scientist Carl Grauss, whose work gave us magnets today. His love for magnetism she has as well, and offers magnetic healing for those who come to her.As a magnetic energy healer Carley receives universal energy from her left hand and she places her right hand on the person’s magnetic field to help clear their energy meridians. When one is sick, she has the ability to use her body as a channel to take the illness from their body with her left hand, run it through her body and out of her right hand into the earth. Many have said they have achieved a deeper level in their healing through this process. As a mystic Carley is able to help people in psychological pain so they can have emotional healing. She believes negative thinking must be owned in a non-shaming way so there can be emotional clearing. What is revealed is healed is her motto. Many have experienced tremendous deep rooted emotional healing in her loving presence. As a medical intuitive, from being trained at such a young age of 4 years old, she became empathic with people which enabled her to give the information she was receiving so healing could take place.

Dr. Carley Henius Energy Healer, Mystic and Medical Intuitive

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Peace Artist Catherine Foster - Weaving Peace through Art

Catherine Foster – Nancy Tursi will be having guest Catherine Foster, Artist - My current project is woven metal of many colors portraying diversity. Relationships are expressed as the varied pieces are woven. Embossed with words of "Peace" in many languages, resonating a universal desire for the lessening of hostility. It is my goal to maintain feelings of inner peace as I create the artwork thus passing on this feeling to others. The Peace Prevail Project - Creating art for me is a process of going within, accepting the images as divine gifts and receiving the how to manifest the end product. I have carved 2 printing plates with the words "Peace Prevails" in over 200 languages.

Catherine Foster Peace Artist

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