Monday, January 5, 2009

Dr. Carley Henius Energy Healer, Mystic and Medical Intuitive - Carley’s mission

Carley’s mission has always been to use her intuition and guidance to help people heal and to enhance their emotional and spiritual life in whatever healing modality she chooses to use.Being a born philosopher, Carley came to learn how illusion is created which helped her understand other people’s reality so she could help them. It was this quest of wanting to help that led her to become a Metaphysical minister, spiritual teacher, channeler, emotional healer, energy healer and medical intuitive. She holds a Doctorate of Metaphysical Philosophy, a Doctorate of Divinity and is the great great grand - daughter of the world-renowned German scientist Carl Grauss, whose work gave us magnets today. His love for magnetism she has as well, and offers magnetic healing for those who come to her.As a magnetic energy healer Carley receives universal energy from her left hand and she places her right hand on the person’s magnetic field to help clear their energy meridians. When one is sick, she has the ability to use her body as a channel to take the illness from their body with her left hand, run it through her body and out of her right hand into the earth. Many have said they have achieved a deeper level in their healing through this process. As a mystic Carley is able to help people in psychological pain so they can have emotional healing. She believes negative thinking must be owned in a non-shaming way so there can be emotional clearing. What is revealed is healed is her motto. Many have experienced tremendous deep rooted emotional healing in her loving presence. As a medical intuitive, from being trained at such a young age of 4 years old, she became empathic with people which enabled her to give the information she was receiving so healing could take place.

Dr. Carley Henius Energy Healer, Mystic and Medical Intuitive

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