Monday, January 5, 2009

Michelle Belanger Medium/Psychic, Author on Psychic Vampires

Michelle Belanger – Nancy Tursi will be having guest Michelle Belanger Medium/Psychic, Author. Michelle Belanger is a popular author best known for her writings on psychic vampirism and the modern vampire subculture. A self-professed energy vampire, she has appeared on the British documentary American Vampires, Peter Anthony Holder’s Soul Call, Coast to Coast, the X-Zone, as well on the History Channel, WE!, and A&E. She has lectured at colleges across the United States and occasionally tours with her Chicago-based dark metal band URN. The interview got in depth with her individual experiences and her definition of Psychic Vampirism. She is a great lady who is from a different time who will surprise you around each turn.

Interview with Michelle Belanger Psychic Medium

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Yuri Romanov said...

Thanks for sharing this information about psychic reading expert Michelle Belanger. I am glued to Psychic Vampires and will continue to consume whatever write-up they release. Cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

Psychic vampires are everywhere. You have to protect your psychic life force all of the time!

Getting a psychic reading can help protect you from this...